TortoiseDarcs 2.8.0 Unstable Release

This is an one day effort to fix breaking changes due to darcs 2.8.1 and Windows 7. Please email comments back.

By Kari Hoijarvi



Have darcs 2.x or later on your machine. I tested with 2.8.1 and you need it even if you are using darcs 1 repositories, TortoiseDarcs invokes darcs 2 to get repository status information.

Log in with admin rights in Windows XP, in Windows 7 make sure you know the password.

Unzip package

Edit TD2CFG.reg, and also TD2CFGWow6432.reg if you want to use 32 bit explorer in a 64 bit machine. Fix the paths, I'm just guessing.

If you want to use the original TD1 for darcs1 repositories, or TortoiseCVS in general, put TD2 into the existing rootdir and rename darcs-1 key to darcs-1-disabled or something. You cannot disable darcs2 support, since darcs2 is needed for status computing.

run regedit TD2CFG.reg to register your configuration.

register the dll's:

In Windows XP:

regsvr32 TortoiseDarcsShellWin32.dll on 32 bit machines and on 64 bit machine for 32 bit explorer

regsvr32 TortoiseDarcsShellX64.dll on 64 bit machine

yes, regsvr32 registers also 64 bit dll's

restart the explorer. Click shut down, hit ctrl-alt-shift + cancel and the explorer shuts down.

In Windows 7 or Vista

edit d-on.bat and d-off.bat and enter the correct paths. Then important, right click and run the batch file as an administrator. It's not enough to have admin rights. The security requires trusted installed privileges, and you most likely don't have them.

Restart the explorer. Click start menu, press ctrl+shift and right click on empty space of the menu.

If you give it a try, please let me know: I'm especially interested in defects or installation difficulties, this upgrade was an one man-month effort and testing it takes longer. I have tested the features I use, so good luck. Your bug report contributions are appreciated.

I'd like to know how many actually use this. Let me know.


Unregister the DLL's:

regsvr32 /U TortoiseDarcsShellWin32.dll

regsvr32 /U TortoiseDarcsShellX64.dll

In Windows 7, run the d-off batch with admin privileges.

Restart explorer, delete files.


darcs pull

Release History

2.8.0:Fixed some darcs backwards incompatible changes and Windows 7 stuff.
2.0.1:Fixed reverting and recording individual in subdirectories
Improved refresh status.
2.0.0:Initial release with darcs 2 support.
1.0.0:Original working release.

Special Thanks